Morning Star Bamboo Flooring Review

You find yourself flicking through the catalog of award-winning homes, gazing at the beautiful bamboo floors glittering in the photos.

Fast forward a few hours, and you are now handing over your valuable credit card number, in hopes of having one of the homes photo-ready.  Was Morning Star Bamboo the right choice?

With so many unique choices, Morning Star Bamboo floor is sure to catch your eye.

But we all know, the worst part of remodeling a home is making mistakes.  Whether it’s wasting money, or choosing something with persistent problems, we all want to be sure that our purchases are the best choices.

HGTV makes renovating this beautiful home look easier than ever.  I’m here to help you sort out the good and the evil from home renovation confusion.  In this article, I will review the Morning Star Bamboo.

Pros and Cons of Bamboo

After designing my mother’s house she decided to install bamboo flooring after researching the pros and cons.  Having had them in our home for ten years, here are some of the pros and cons we have found after living with flooring.

  • Bamboo is soft wood.
  • Bamboo requires more special care.
  • The floor gives a unique appearance.
  • This is an environmentally friendly flooring option

In our home, special care doesn’t have a big impact, once we learn the best treatment methods.  The softness of wood is the overall biggest con.

I still remember the fight when my brother dropped the screwdriver on the floor, and the screwdriver left a pretty x on the floor for my mother to see every day.  The wood is soft, and prone to dents, no matter how much the website praises the hardness of the wood.  However, this was not something to be actively worried about on a day-to-day basis. Apart from those two drawbacks, flooring is a great option.

Overall, my mother and I would choose to install bamboo flooring again.  However, after researching Morning Star Bamboo, I will do a lot of research on which company you buy it from.

Morning Star or Bust?

Bambu itself doesn’t seem to be a problem with the Bintang Kejora brand.  As previously mentioned, the floor does have its drawbacks.

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Yes, you do get softer wood which may require special care;  however, splitting and splitting floors is never acceptable, especially one as expensive as the Morning Star.

After spending hours on the internet, my initial description of this product is generally not budget-friendly compared to some other click-along bamboo competitors.  With that, I wish I could read about a higher quality product.

It seems that this product looks better than it does to the untrained eye, but digging deeper, there are many pitfalls.

The floor offers a 30 year warranty, which has now taken the spotlight from the legal sector.  With the class action lawsuit against Lumber Liquidators, claims on the site of a “very durable” and “defect free” flooring product were called into question.

According to reviews, many people have problems with the product in the first year, sometimes even when installing the product.  When installed by a professional, floors will split, dent, and even separate early on.

Is the Lumber Liquidator the Criminals?

After reading thousands of reviews from Lumber Liquidator, it seems the overall trend is positive.  There are some problems, as with any other large scale company.  However, it doesn’t seem like the topic of most of the reviews.

In comparing the Lumber Liquidator review with the Morning Star Bamboo floor review, the Lumber Liquidator review far exceeds the Morning Star review.  Chinese-made flooring has more complaints than compliments, leading me to believe this might be a bad investment for a new flooring option.  However, I don’t think Lumber Liquidator is a bad investment.


With Morning Star Bamboo, and all of its problems, I don’t recommend installing it alone.  If you decide to use Bintang Kejora bamboo, I will leave the installation up to professionals.

It seemed that even though it was done right, there was still a big problem with the floor.  This doesn’t seem like an easy weekend project, even for professionals.

If you are looking for something that you can do yourself, then click shared flooring is a good choice.  I installed it myself, with little knowledge of flooring, and so far there have been no problems.

The verdict is in

Bamboo is a special flooring that has several advantages for a beautiful look.  However, being messy and detached is not the expected result of any bamboo flooring product.

If you decide to go with Morning Star, I highly recommend that you install it professionally.  I don’t believe the culprit is the provider.

Lumber Liquidator appears to have had a string of positive and negative reviews, but the trend seems positive.  On the other hand, when reading about Morning Star Bamboo, it was hard to find a single positive review.

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